All Natural, Balanced Meals

There is a lot of debate as to whether forced cleanses using juices, fasting, or a variety of “cleansing” pills is really healthy for individuals. Further, there is dispute as to whether these “jumpstarts” actually poise individuals for lasting effects and set them up for an ongoing healthy lifestyle. Hence, this 5-day cleanse is completely natural and meant to be a gradual transition into a sustainable healthy-eating pattern. The Inner Warrior Cleanse cuts out several foods that people are most commonly sensitive to, while incorporating 15 of the most detoxifying foods every day.

Caloric Intake

At 1600 calories a day, you will not starve and this will thus be a natural, healthier transition into a new meal plan. However, it is also recommended not to exercise heavily (or at all) or be involved in much strenuous activity during this 5-day cleanse, as 1600 calories is really the bare minimum that an average adult needs to simply be at rest. There is also not much protein in this cleanse, which will limit available amino acids to help repair muscles after workout. Hence, this 5-day cleanse is a great all-natural jumpstart and detoxification program, not meant to be a lasting meal plan, but rather for shedding the body of harmful substances and a few unwanted pounds.


• All natural using whole foods only: No detox or cleanse pills; no juice fasts, etc.
• Foods switch daily – important for digestion and absorption
• Incorporates 15 detoxifying foods every day
• Cuts out most commonly allergenic or sensitive foods

No-Eat Foods

• Soy
• Nuts
• Starches
• Bread/Gluten
• Grains
• Corn
• Sugar
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Dairy (organic, farm-raised, vegetarian eggs okay)

Download the Inner Warrior 5-Day Cleanse HERE