There are 6 fundamental physiological needs every mammalian body has: energy, hydration, oxygenation, circulation, digestion-excretion, and neural function. The body must satisfy these needs sufficiently to sustain physical health. However, humans are unique in that they also have psychological needs which must be satisfied to achieve total wellness—the combination of physical health and psychological well-being, which are highly interdependent. The only way to achieve a state of psychological well-being is to fulfill a handful of fundamental psychological needs common to all people everywhere. There is a plethora of resources, from studies in brain science and economics to self-help and spiritual philosophies, that espouse theories on what people’s real psychological needs are. Similar to the physiological needs, they can all be dwindled down to six fundamental psychological needs, which when fulfilled bring the individual to a mental-emotional equilibrium—a state of psychological well-being. These are: connection, autonomy, fun, progress, significance, and security.

Coach Jeremy uses the 6-Needs System™ as a foundation theory to assess and address which needs are not being adequately satisfied in an individual's life. With proven techniques to help address and fulfill those unmet needs, Coach Jeremy guides his co-creator clients toward greater and longer lasting well-being. You can read more about the 6-Needs System™ in Coach Jeremy's forthcoming book, to be published in Spring 2018.