Be Honest with Yourself

Be Honest with Yourself

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It takes courage to be completely honest with oneself. Often, we ignore or hide from the truth because it seems too painful or frightening to come to terms with reality. The fantasies we create mask the fear and the pain, and hence make us feel safe. But the longer we live in ignorant bliss and the longer we avoid what is true and real, the more pain and fear and hardship we ultimately engender. When we face things head on, we can begin to process the pain in a healthy way—we can begin to dissolve the big, scary monsters in the closet that may not even exist.

So where are you not being honest with yourself? What truths are you hiding from, distracting yourself from, lying to yourself about? Do you want to know the truth? Do you want to get real? Then get out of your mind and into your gut. There is a wisdom inside you that knows what’s right and true, even if it’s difficult to face. Do you have the courage to be totally honest, to walk a path of truth, to be realistic? Can you let go of untrue sentiments that lead to temporary feelings of safety and instead trek boldly into the heart of your fears? Only by going through fear, by embracing our difficult feelings, can they be truly released.

Of course, it is okay to fantasize, to dream, to imagine. In fact, it is an important and beautiful part of life. But hold to your inner wisdom, to understand that what you imagine is not yet real—that although you have a vision, it is not here yet. With that in mind and in heart, stay unattached to the expectations of your fantasy. You can dream of a particular outcome, but be open to other possibilities. A narrow focus on and attachment to a particular end goal, or on the current feeling the fantasy gives you, may be distracting you from reality, from actual opportunities, from closing unrealistic doors to open real ones. This path of attachment to fantastic imaginings and feelings of safety leads to disappointment, for nothing is ever as precise or as safe as we imagine.

Stay a dreamer, stay a visionary…but stay unattached to the outcome of your vision. Hold to what’s true and real right now,. Don’t miss the opportunities that show up for you today by losing yourself in the fantasies of tomorrow. Be honest with yourself. This is an act of true, unconditional, uncompromising self-love and acceptance. In the end, an honest life leads to fewer regrets and greater peace.

I live an honest life. I can handle the truth.
I will love and care for myself no matter what the truth brings.

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