Being Prepared

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Going with the flow, non-attachment to outcome, acceptance of circumstances out of our control—all key elements practiced along the Warrior’s Path. However, this is not to negate the taking of proper steps that are within our control in order to prepared! Learning techniques, practicing methods, considering options, and devising strategy are also all part of the Warrior’s toolbox. Preparedness thus balances the WuWei concepts of acceptance and flow, and helps us maintain trust in ourselves as the Universe unfolds.

A Warrior must be prepared. This is precisely why s/he learns and implements systems. As the Warrior watches the unfolding of events, he begins to see all angles, all possible outcomes. Part of his practice is to devise a potential response to each outcome. And when this strategizing work is done, he steps back and lets the Universe do as it must. He does not try to control or manipulate what he does not have power over. Rather, he rests assured in his own power, relying on his techniques and practices, and readies for which of his plans will be applicable. He has no judgment about which plan will be necessary, for he is unattached to whatever outcome the Universe provides. In this way, he is flowing yet alert, present yet prepared. In fact, the very practicing of WuWei (going with the flow of the Universe) is part of the preparation—the practice.

When feeling beaten down in a web of circumstances, overwhelmed by conflicts or challenges, it’s time to stop, learn, and prepare. What could you have done differently in your planning process? How might you be better prepared next time when considering all possible outcomes? A true Warrior is one who trusts himself to go with the currents of energy, who has quality practices, techniques, and strategies in place to prepare for what may come, and who implements those tools to the best of his ability, without judgment or attachment, upon the manifestation of events. And when the Warrior is prepared and ready, s/he lets go of the plans, storing them for later, and gets present and alert.

Practice never makes perfect. But perfect is unnecessary. It is practice that the Warrior values highest when preparing for the constant flux of the Universe. A Warrior considers all possible outcomes and is prepared for each.

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