Celebrate Your Life

Celebrate Your Life

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Every one of us has something to celebrate about life. Most of us are fortunate enough to have several celebratory aspects. Think of the relationships you have—those who love you and those whom you love. Consider the work or the hobby you love to do, or the special talent(s) you possess. Notice where you live and the amazing elements of your environment. Every person reading this message can celebrate that fact that you are ALIVE! You are breathing, your heart is pumping, and you are interacting with the world; the sun is shining; the wind is blowing; and you have the freedom to choose precisely where, when, what, why, and how to live your life. How fantastic is that?!

We often have trouble, however, focusing for long on the beautiful aspects of our lives, let alone celebrating them. We tend to quickly focus back to the parts we don’t like, or to the things we crave, or to the phantom scenarios we must prepare for and defend against. We think that celebrating life is dropping our guard, and we’ll thus get blindsided if we stay defenseless for too long. Or perhaps celebrating is simply asking for trouble—challenging the Universe to “drop the other shoe.” But a life always filled with wanting and defending—how much fun is that? And what’s the point of any of this if we’re not having fun?

Are you willing to celebrate your life? To take account of all the fun, wonderful, inspiring aspects of you, of the life you’ve created, of the world around you, and to keep that as the primary focus over the unwanted or lacking parts? Can you simply breathe in the wonder and gratitude and just smile? If this is a scary proposition for you, for any of the reasons discussed, can you just be afraid for a bit, without trying to stop, fix, or bury the fear? Try this for one day… Too long? Try it for an hour… Even one minute!

Celebrating one’s life is not at all mutually exclusive from safety and productivity. It does not mean your head is in the clouds or that suddenly you’ll become complacent. Start small. Try it for just a short amount of time, and then extend that period little by little, gradually over time—so it becomes more and more comfortable as a greater portion of your perspective. You may just find you’re even more present, and so even safer. You might discover you’re even more productive and that the world is a little more vivid and filled with greater opportunities than you’ve even imagined. Heck, you might just realize you are actually having fun!

You willing to try? Sit or stand right where you are, right now, for one minute, close your eyes, breathe a deep breath, and celebrate the beautiful parts of your life!

I acknowledge the deeply beautiful parts of my life.
Those parts far outweigh any other elements.
My life is truly a cause for celebration.

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