Clear the Path

Clear the Path

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The road through the mountain to the old temple cave has become muddled over with winter shrubbery and fallen rocks. The Warrior’s apprentice wants to continue on the broken, old path, trekking over the difficult terrain because he feels safe in knowing where the road leads. But his Master goes with his gut, stopping to change direction and clear a new path through the mountains. He cuts away the bushes, creating an easier journey, which eventually leads to an undiscovered cave, more beautiful even than the old one in which they had originally intended to pray.

Just as the Wise Warrior clears away shrubs to create a new route when the old is no longer viable, so too must we free space in our lives, cutting away old, broken ways so that a new opportunity can open along our paths. Get organized. Tie up loose ends. Let go of old ways, situations, and relationships that are no longer working. Clear the path to create space for the New. Only when letting go of the Old, can we invite new opportunities to open up in our lives. Recognize when something no longer works, even though it may feel comfortable and safe. Have the courage to let it go and close the door, so that a new one can open. Otherwise, you are keeping yourself from progressing and are instead stuck in stagnation.

It is often frightening to create a new direction, to let go of the things with which we are familiar. Even though we know the old no longer works, many of us often ignore our gut feelings—our Inner Wisdom—and simply continue along the safe and broken road, dragging things on unnecessarily, “beating the dead horse.” But a Warrior faces his fears and treks on in the direction of the unknown, keeping his wits and listening to his Inner Voice. She takes the fear as a guiding light, using it to steer her forward to a new lesson and opportunity, toward progress and change, toward further self-awareness. Do not stay on this road just because it is comfortable and safe; if it no longer works, then it is time to clear away the old and make space for a new direction. Have faith in this Universal principle and trust your own Inner Voice as you trek the terrain of your life.

The exact route we take is not the same as our Spiritual Path or Life Journey. The route will change often, but if you know your true path, your purpose, your intended destination, you may allow new, undiscovered routes to take you there. Don’t be attached to the idea of any route being the only correct road to your goals. There are many ways to reach your destination and live your purpose. Listen to your inner voice to know when it is time to change direction and clear space for yourself to find brand new opportunities along your journey. If you have trouble hearing, than find a quiet space and meditate. When the noise of the world dissipates, your Inner Wisdom will become clearer. Always stay solid in who you are and your purpose, and you will be okay.

I am letting go of the paths that no longer work.
I invite new paths and opportunities into my life.
The Universe is bringing the right path, and I trust I can handle it.

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    Author: David

    Great post !


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