While much of my work as a coach is in helping individuals navigate intrapersonal conflicts (conflicts within themselves), I also specialize in conflict resolution and conflict management for interpersonal (between individuals) dynamics as well as within and between groups and organizations. I focus on core human needs and discovering which needs are not being met, are being threatened, or are perceived to be as such within any conflict scenario. I then coach individuals and groups in effective ways for better meeting all parties' needs and dissolving perceived threats to those needs.

There are a variety of methodologies used effectively in conflict resolution practices; however, the core of conflict tends to be real or perceived to one or all parties' fundamental needs. Often, parties believe their positions are so incongruent that there is almost no hope for resolution. However, they often mistake their positions or "wants" (which are movable) with underlying interests or "needs" (which are constant). If I can help parties realize their underlying interests, find some common ground among those interests, and stay open to shifting potential positions that still meet the needs or interests of both parties, we often walk away with a win-win scenario. Hence, I coach, consult, and mediate through conflicts, using a variety of techniques, all with the aim of getting all parties' needs satisfied as best we can.

My practice is based on Los Angeles and San Francisco, but I coach individuals and organizations from around the world. You can read more about conflict coaching and consulting practices through my conflict resolution firm, Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, here.

Also, see below for a short video series I did on conflict resolution for potentially violent interactions.