Embrace Your Feelings

Embrace Your Feelings

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When the warrior travels through the darkest parts of the forest, he does not try to mask or ignore his fear—he embraces it. When she is far from home and misses her small children, the Warrior does not try to escape her sadness and feelings of aloneness—she allows the feelings to be there. When the Warrior feels sudden excitement or joy or even love upon meeting new friends along his journey, he does not let the fear of loss, sadness, or future aloneness stop him from joyfully loving—he honors these feelings. By allowing space for her feelings to be and experiencing anything she feels in the moment, the Warrior becomes truly present and so has the ability to sincerely experience life and use the emotional energy as power.

How often do you notice emotions and try to escape or ignore them? How often might you feel something but don’t even notice because you’re too afraid or distracted with “stuff”? What would life be like to allow those feelings to be there, to sit with them, to embrace them, to honor that part of yourself? What would your world look like if you stopped trying to escape, ignore, dilute, fix, repair, or bury your feelings? Are they really so scary? We’re often taught not to experience our own emotions, that they can hurt us or overwhelm us, that they’re bad or wrong or “negative.” They are in fact none of these things... They are the very essence of ourselves! We are not wrong or bad by feeling; we are human, and feelings are the very things that make us so. Feelings cannot hurt us, cannot kill us; they only become a problem when we do not embrace them, when we are in conflict with them, when we are ashamed of or afraid of them.

Providing a safe space to feel is the way to become extremely present in our lives, giving us the ability to further understand our emotions, why we are feeling what we feel, and thus to further understand ourselves. By allowing ourselves to FEEL whatever it is we feel, we honor the most important, sensitive parts of ourselves. This is an act of true self love and self care; and we all deserve unconditional love and care. If you love, let yourself love. If you feel afraid, even when feeling love, allow yourself to be afraid. If you are sad, allow yourself to just be sad, without any stories or judgments or thoughts as to how to fix or avoid or distract from the sadness. Allow whatever is, and relax into the feeling. This will bring you into the present and, just as importantly, will send the message to your deepest self that you are worth this journey, that your feelings aren’t wrong or bad, and that you will love and embrace yourself no matter what it is that you feel. What messages could be more important?

Give yourself permission to notice all your feelings, to let them be there, to embrace them and feel them, and to love and take care of yourself no matter what you experience. See if you can do this even for one day, for one hour, for on minute. Stop the distractions and the seeking and avoiding, and just feel. Be aware of how your world changes, how present you become, and what parts of you are in drastic need of attention. When you do this for yourself, you will also have the ability to honor and accept other people’s feelings, without taking them personally or defending against them. Only by feeling sadness, fear, or whatever it is we need to feel can we also truly feel the love and joy that the world has to offer through us. Honoring and embracing your feelings is the genuine way to experience love for the world and for yourself. Just feel.

What I feel is totally okay.
My feelings are beautiful. They will not hurt me.
I love and embrace myself, with all my feelings.

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