Embracing Change & Opening to Life

Embracing Change & Opening to Life

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All energy in the Universe is constantly changing, all states are temporary, and everything is impermanent. To most people, this truth is quite frightening and often consciously or unconsciously ignored. A major aspect of walking the spiritual path, however, is to recognize and embrace change, rather than to resist or ignore it. Resisting change is like swimming against the stream with sandbags attached to your feet—it causes pain, stagnation, and loss of energy; and in the end, you won’t get very far. Acceptance of change brings ease of living, peace of mind, and the ability to see new paths as opportunities, even if at first they seem difficult or unwanted. Accepting change does not mean becoming complacent; rather it means doing your part (what you CAN control) to work with (not against) the things you cannot control.

We are conditioned to so often attach to particular states of being, to narrowly identify with specific paths and labels and ideas of how things should be. We cling to ideas of stability and security, grasping for anything to hold onto, rather than embracing the constantly fluctuating, impermanent, totally free nature of the Universe. To let go of the illusion of control and safety is frightening, and so to let go of the identities and paths and objects we’ve become familiar and comfortable with can be terrifying. But perhaps our fear will lead us to ultimate freedom from suffering. Perhaps, if we embrace the fear of constant change, if we move with the flow of nature, which is inherently free and wild, we will more closely live in harmony within the ever-changing inner world of self and with the ever-changing outer world around us.

Hence, do not resist change; rather, accept all that you cannot control and explore ways of working and flowing with it. As long as you know your authentic self and stick to your purposeful path, you will maintain a solid and steady oneness within—a constant self that remains intact amidst the ever-fluctuating universe. How do we get to know the authentic self that stays constant and steady? By becoming still and silent; this stillness leads us to the true nature of our being, a constant energy connected to the Universe and independent from external circumstances. If we can sense the constant being that resides within our bodies and connects us to all things, we’ll know we are something more than the temporary changes that occur “out there.”

Getting still and realizing who we truly are in the midst of the flux brings relief and contentment, a sense of inner peace and security, a knowing and constancy. It also allows us to see all changes as potential opportunities. And then we are finally released from the sandbags, swimming with the current, moving ever faster, ever freer than before.

So what changes are you resisting? What states are you identified with and attached to? What would your life feel like if you began accepting those changes by first detaching from old identities and habits, and then embracing new paths to explore how you might work with and benefit from them? Are you willing to let go of the illusions of control and permanence and certainty? Can you instead embrace any fear that comes up without the illusions, and accept yourself totally and completely in the process? Perhaps it’s time to be free! Perhaps it’s time to be in harmony with the every-changing, impermanent and amazing nature of the Universe.

I am letting go of the illusion of permanence.
I embrace change with a full and open heart.
I accept myself and all my feelings that come with this transition.

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