Energy Flows Where Focus Goes

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Where is an area in your life that you DO NOT want to build or continue and that requires your attention and energy to do so? Could it be arguing with a partner? Complaining about or listening to complaints about a particular situation? Obsessing over an unwanted circumstance? To go a step further, which of these situations just might solely exist in your head?

What would happen if you just stopped thinking about or engaging with the situation? What would happen if you simply stopped all energy flowing to that area? Could it continue on its own, without your attention, growing and festering independently of you? Or might it just stop as well? Are you willing to find out? This means that you do nothing more about the situation, and that you don’t attack or defend yourself unless ABSOLUTELY necessary-unless you are in REAL physical or financial danger--in which case, you do what must be done, quickly and efficiently, and then you stop.

Hence, you declare: “I am done!” Could you do it? Just for one week and see what happens? Put it out of your mind, out of your life, as though it doesn’t exist. Often we're told not to ignore situations, but some situations may be getting worse or exist at all simply because we're putting our focus on them. So just stop! If you are afraid, embrace the fear. Know that you will protect yourself if, and ONLY if, you see that it gets worse without your energy and begins to actually threaten you on its own. Otherwise, you are totally fine, and all other thoughts and fears are just made up stories, just projections you don’t need.

“What if I don’t attend to it and I need to ward off an attack or prepare for one?” you ask. Remember, if it gets worse, you will take action to defend. But perhaps the best way to ward off this attack is simply to stop giving it any of your energy. The best preparation is just to know that: “I WILL be okay. I will always protect myself when actually attacked, and I will always take care of myself.” Forget idle threats, name calling, childish battles and conflicts. These are not worth any of your time and certainly unworthy of your precious energy. See what happens, just for one week, if you stop giving away your energy to these pointless battles, and instead focus on things you DO want in your life. They may indeed just disappear, leaving room for the things you do want to grow.

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