Everything is Extraordinary

Everything is Extraordinary

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This week my mind has been sporadically blown. By nothing particularly out of the ordinary, except the occasional realization of just how extraordinary EVERYTHING truly is. From the air I breathe to the shoes I wear, from my girlfriend’s touch to the keys on the keyboard I’m pressing to write this article. It all just seems so fascinating to me, so miraculous, so completely against the odds of actually happening. And this awareness makes me so grateful for all of it, for existence in general… Does this all sound crazy? Like some new-age, highfalutin, nonsensical, weirdo jargon? Let me put things into perspective…

Our unique and shared lives began almost 14 billion years ago with a cosmic planetary event. Then it took around 4 billion years of evolution from the first bit of life on this planet, through an infinite number of potential paths and events, to make it all the way to you, to this moment, to all of these amazing natural and man-made creations filling your entire world. The floor and walls and ceilings surrounding you, built by man, composed of natural resources through technology developed by humans no longer alive. The myriad species of trees and plants and flowers lining the streets or surrounding your home. The happenstance of the precise combination of genes, synthesized from countless chemical reformulations over thousands of generations of your ancestral lineage, spanning all the way back to even before modern humans, integrated with a constantly changing cultural environment to create just the right conditions that manifested YOU as an organism living here and now on this tiny, insignificant planet somewhere in the outskirts of one of more than one-hundred-billion galaxies in our Universe. And the synchronicity involved in all of the human and animal connections you have made and continue to sustain in your life with all of the other amazing organisms derived from countless reformations—all of your relationships, with family, friends, animals, and nature who also happen to be synthesized into precisely them... It’s mind-boggling, almost impossible to grasp how really, truly, strangely wonderful it happens to be.

Does this seem miraculous to you? It does to me. The chances it took for all this to happen just as it did, with infinite combinations and possibilities throughout the history of existence, to get precisely to this moment with YOU in this place and time is so extraordinarily and intricately complex that it can only be thought of as pure chance or divine fate. Either way, it’s pretty darn remarkable, in my opinion. And it seems like a waste of a perfectly fine miracle to spend perceiving this moment, right here, right now, as anything other than simply amazing. Even if it hurts, even if it’s busy, even if you want the moment to pass, even when it’s emotionally or physically painful —it is still absolutely fascinating. You can’t take that away.

In the midst of today’s humdrum, will you take a moment not to waste the miracle and instead, even if just for 30 seconds, look around and recognize how strange and wonderful you and the existence of everything around you really is? Then you can go back to forgetting and going about your day… If you choose to.

I am so lucky to be alive.
This moment of existence is fascinating.
This world is truly amazing.

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