Experience Your Power

Experience Your Power

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The Warrior honors his/her own Power, practicing throughout his/her life the experience of inherent energy and the will to call upon this innate Power at his/her need and his leisure. He/she has learned to face the fears of becoming powerless or even uncontrollably powerful, and to understand the true beauty of his/her full and focused potential. This is a practice of meditation, mindful living, and letting go of socially-influenced ideas of what Power means.

Sometimes we are afraid of being trapped, helpless, or powerless over our lives. On the other hand, many of us feel afraid of our own power, of being too much for others, of going out of control. Society often renders messages around staying “in control”—to be “good little boys and girls,” causing most of us to thus suppress the primal energy and potential we inherently carry. We are afraid of losing control or going out of control, which we’re taught will drive others away, leaving us abandoned and alone. And so we limit our feeling and projection of innate power, and this inevitably leads to a feeling of being helpless and trapped.

However, Power does not mean force or control over others or the world; power rather refers to the extraordinary, boundless, imaginative potential of each human being—the power to choose, the power to create, the power to freely will each moment of our individual existences based on the circumstances and opportunities we are presented. In truth, experiencing and expressing our inner power will not drive others away, but rather to us. It can open new doors and opportunities, draw more people into our spheres, invite abundance into our lives, and lead us to our dreams and ultimately to internal peace. This is why it is so important to explore your true Power—to feel it and to let it run uncontrolled, rather than out of control. Your power does not have to streak wildly in all directions; it can instead be unleashed and focused. It does not have to be bound by suppression; it can be non-constricted yet concentrated. As you begin to let it run more freely and perhaps feel a little fear in the process, remember that the Warrior is often afraid, but fear does not stop her. She looks fear in the eyes and smiles. “Bring it on,” she says, and walks boldly forth. You cannot be trapped by circumstances, people’s expectations, your own feelings, or any other number of forces that seem to render you helpless. You are constantly making choices to do or not to, to cooperate or not to, the participate or not to—these choices are your power.

Experience your power! You can do this through creativity, meditation, connection with other human beings, martial arts, or simply becoming mindful of all the choices you are making and the free will you possess. The potential of a fully realized and unsuppressed life form is truly awe-inspiring and quite extraordinary. You will be amazed at how intensely powerful and simultaneously peaceful and focused you can be. YOU are a fascinating power! Know it! Live it! Appreciate it!

I have choice over everything I do.
I have power over my entire life. I am powerful!

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