Finding Joy in the Mundane

Finding Joy in the Mundane

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How often we take the ordinary for granted. In almost every moment, most of us probably forget there is a truly fascinating universe full of intricate detail and creation and energy invigorating our senses, worthy of astonishment and reverence. Perhaps if we let it all in, truly appreciating and admiring every bit of creation around us, it might simply overwhelm our minds, melting our conscious thoughts in a flurry of fascinating and mysterious feats we simply cannot grasp. Nonetheless, it seems a worthy endeavor…even if taken one bit at a time. Ready to try?

Take a few moments to notice what’s around you, appreciating each item for exactly what it is, no matter how seemingly mundane. The beauty of the desk’s color, the way it feels, the texture of the surface. Become aware of the drifting dust bit falling from a windowsill; the tiny veins of a plant leaf; the wrinkles of a loved one’s eyelid. Expressed within every Thing is an infant world of curiosity, an ancient heritage, a beautiful landscape of life connected to you and all of other life since the birth of our universe.

Pause and simply be grateful for this moment, in which you are alive and thus afforded the opportunity to take in and experience the presence of yourself and that Thing, to be with it, to touch it and know it. Let the quiet, subtle joy of the experience with it fill your heart; let the fascination and wonder of that Thing’s very existence fill you with inspired curiosity and awe. Where did it come from and how did it get to that place before it arrived here? How was it made, and what makes its parts? What was involved, and who?

The truth is that nothing is ordinary. When you let Joy and curiosity in, every little nuance of existence indeed becomes extra-ordinary, rare, unique, weird, fun, amazing, mysterious, and beautiful.

The next time your mind anxiously searches for a distraction, take a pause and instead get quiet. Choose one thing and stare at it intently, becoming present with it, experiencing it. Occupy your mind by wondering about and appreciating the extraordinary around you. I'm sure you'll find it's all much more interesting than what you were about to watch on TV or the Internet, or hopefully at the very least more enlightening.

I am amazed by the beauty all around me.
I am so grateful for this moment.
I am truly in awe of creation.

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