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When will it finally be time to forgive? How long will you hold onto the anger? When will you take responsibility for your actions and ask for forgiveness? For how long will you wallow in shame? These are questions of the modern warrior, self-aware and searching for the dark crevices in his heart.

Forgiveness is one of the most healing and freeing actions we can engage. It exemplifies your ability to live and let go, to liberate your mind from menacing negativity, directed at both others and yourself. Forgiveness dispels anger, induces love, dissolves humiliation and disgrace, and inspires confidence and compassion. Will you live the arduous life of regret and self-doubt, of resentment and disconnection…or will you live divinely, in acceptance, in empathy, in forgiveness?

Write out your list. The list you’re holding on others, and the list you’re holding on yourself. All the things that you did wrong, all the actions you regret, the memories and thoughts you’re running over and over in your head like a broken and destructive record player. Write out a letter to those you’d ask for forgiveness, to those who you must forgive, and to yourself. Mention it all—all the “stuff” in those lists—and grant clemency to those who you feel have wronged you, own up and apologize to those you’ve wronged, and tell yourself: “I forgive you for all of it.” Send the letters. Burn the lists. Free Yourself!!

The longer you hold onto grudges and fury, the longer you will bury the sadness and fear, which underlie anger and shame. Hence, the more deeply imprisoned you shall become. The inability to let go restrains all of your relationships, all of your progress through life. So isn’t it time to forgive yourself and the others? Isn’t it time to own up and say sorry? Isn’t it time to finally let go of it all? Understanding, compassion, and honesty…instead of stubbornness, embarrassment, and resentment. This is the Warrior’s Way.

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