Get Back to Nature

Get Back to Nature

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The human being—a fascinating organism. Arguably the most complex in the living system…at least, it manifests the most complexity. The human creates cultures and societies, standards and practices, wars and religions, artificial technologies and superficial realities. How strange and wonderful and frightening and intriguing. Though in its constant rush of future projections, memories of the past, creation and destruction and manipulation, the human being often forgets about Nature.

The human seldom remembers that many thousands of years ago, when man still looked and thought and felt and behaved very much as s/he does today, it roamed the vast savannas of Africa, the lush hillscapes of the Americas, the snowy whitecaps of the Northlands. That these regions, without any industry or man-made structure, were its home. The human lived symbiotically in extraordinary ecosystems that perpetuated for millions of years, at one with the environment, with other beings, plants, fruits, and animals. They relied on each other, fed from each other, bled with each other, took life and gave it back to one another. This was its relationship with nature, and it was beautiful and harsh and loving and sacred.

Call it God or the Universe or Natural Selection. It is Nature. And man is OF this nature. Today, in the busy hustle-bustle of ordinary modern life, getting back to Nature is more important than ever. But this means not only immersing oneself in natural environments, via hiking or camping or wandering about; it also means getting back to one’s own nature. To the natural self within, beyond the labels and identities brought about by social-civil existence. And while all man has natural primitive self to explore, we each have our unique individual natures as well.

What is your true nature? Are you living in line with what is natural to you? Are you honoring your unique self by living a life and traversing the planet in a way that feels right and true for your unique spirit? Or have you bought in to what THEY all want and expect and hope for and condemn?

Get back to nature. Let the outer world of our natural ecology serve as a reflection of the natural being within. Allow your primal self to rise. Be the one who once roamed the Serengeti. Feel the symbiotic relationship between your true, inner nature and the natural outer world. Be like the tree—nothing but itself, not held to anyone’s standards, but rather living and being precisely as it must, as it does, as it can.

Get back to your own nature. Be your true self. Your primal self. If you lived there always, what would your life in the unnatural world look like? Who is the Tree You? Who is the Natural You? Be that human being…for ONE DAY. See how it fits. See if you can remember…

I live my truth.
I am my natural self.
Nature is my beacon and my path.

  1. Date: May 3, 2016
    Author: Scott Slayton

    I am a firm believer in getting back to nature. I am trying to shed many of the socialistic shackles that try to bind us. I look inward and trust my instinct, I stay away from as much artificial anything as possible.. I hunt with spears. I listen to the wind. to deny our true primal selves is to close our eyes on being. Try this, While listening to a friend speak to you, listen with all your senses =. Watch the way muscles tense and release, the variations in eye movement, posture, their breathing, take all this in at once while looking into them with your instinct, you my be surprised with what comes of it/

  2. Date: May 6, 2016

    I came up your blog by accident or was it? But I am most sure that I'm glad I did and for many wonderful reasons! Thank you. It helps me home.


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