Goal Setting: A Warrior’s Map

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Sometimes a warrior wanders freely; sometimes he follows a map to locate his destination. No matter how he travels, he always has a goal in mind—whether it be to wander and relax or to reach the high mountain temple. This goal is what motivates all his intention, all of his movement. Passion and truth are what motivate his goals.

If we don’t have goals, if we do not feel we are progressing toward those goals, if we simply roam aimlessly most of the time, life will often seem bland, confusing, indifferent, lost, a little sad, and probably a bit scary. Having goals and being productive are absolutely key components to living a fulfilled and passionate life, which ultimately lead to greater contentment and inner peace. When determining your goals, make sure you come from your heart and your gut. Commit to achieving what feels important to you, what feels fun and exciting, what is interesting, and/or what you think might afford you the greatest abundance and personal growth. Do not set out to achieve simply for superficial wants, such as outward appearance or material possessions. Rather, think of the underlying motives: freedom, comfort, fun, excitement, and the ability to help or relate to others.

Once you’ve determined your end goals, now create your roadmap: Write out where you’d like to be by the end of the year. Then break that down by months—where must you be by the end of this month to get to where you need to be in the following months so that you can achieve your year-end goals? And finally, break this month down by weeks: What must you do this week to get to the following step next week, which will ultimately lead to your month-end targets? Creating a map for yourself, such as this, will not only grant you greater success in actually achieving your intended goals, it will also give you the sense of being on a mission. And what mission could be more important than your life, than inner peace, than a feeling of fulfillment? Every Warrior needs a mission… And each of us must learn to be Warriors if we hope to be victorious in the peaks and valleys of life! Stop moving through life aimlessly and without direction. Determine your goals, create your road map, and get to work!

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