Habits & Distractions

Habits & Distractions

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There are two versions of you, one coming from the left and one from the right. Picture this… The one on the Left goes through life quickly, distracted by chatter and images, going through the routine, mimicking the motions, taking life for granted as you just get through each repeating day. The one on the Right remains still within the chaos, notices the beauty of colors all around, the intricacies of nature and people, the smell and feel of the wind on your skin; for the YOU on the Right, every moment is an amazing adventure, a wild enterprise, a guided meditation; every occurrence is a sign—the hand of a higher power in your life, which you may choose to recognize or discard, to act on or to let go. Which version are you? Which do you want to be?

The Right version is not always easy to maintain, especially in modern society and big cities. We have so many distractions: duties, responsibilities, which road to take, what calls to make, what texts to send, what money to earn, and on and on it goes. There’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle, but how much more would you enjoy it and how much less might you busy yourself if you also made an effort to be less distracted and more mindful and present? It begins with distraction.

Notice where you are living blindly, automatically, unconsciously. Become aware of three things that distract you and try to cut at least one of them by 50% this week. Only for 1 week, then you can pick it back up next week…if you want to. Or make a real stretch, and cut the activity out altogether for 5 days. This may be difficult, but becoming aware of the habit and accepting the behavior as a distraction or addiction is the first step. Write it down on a piece of paper, then make a conscious commitment to yourself to cut it for one week.

When you’re less distracted by routines and habits, existence becomes remarkably apparent—life begins to open up, to reveal its beautiful intricacies, to remind you that you’re alive and present and powerful. It may also expose fears and pains from which you’ve been distracting yourself (perhaps the very reason you’ve been occupying your mind with frivolous activity). Only when stopping to take in life, allowing whatever is beneath the surface to rise, accepting our fears and pains, can we also become open to the true beauty and wonder of life. Don’t distract yourself from this. You deserve to feel alive!

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