Join this fun and interactive workshop intensive on handgun tactics, fighting and defense. You'll learn real-world, tactical techniques for using a handgun in self-defense, as well as theatrical martial arts techniques pulled right from the big screen in John Wick. We'll role play, create tactical sequences, and discuss military operative thought processes for dealing with live fire situations.

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1) Any training handgun (replica, airsoft, etc.). NO REAL FIREARMS. You can pick up a very inexpensive airsoft pistol on Amazon or at a local Big 5 store.

2) OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: A holster that fits your training weapon, with Level 1 retention (quick draw, tactical). This can be an external holster on a tactical belt or a concealed carry holster, whichever you prefer. You can usually pick one up used at a local firearms dealer or army surplus store. Go there after you obtain your training weapon to assure it will fit the holster.


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Coach Jeremy Pollack has been a martial arts instructor and practitioner for more than 25 years. He is Black Belt in Freestyle Hapkido, a Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor, and retains Blue Belts in Wing Chun, Shaolin Kung Fu, Kenpo, Ninjitustu, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is a weapons specialist, teaching knife, stick, cane, sword, staff, handgun, rifle, and a variety of other weapons. He is also former military and holds a CCW in California and Arizona, as well as an armed security license and hundreds of hours of tactical firearms training. Read more about Coach Jeremy HERE.