Here This Now

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How are you handling the constant onslaught of thoughts, plans, projections, desires, and imaginings? Is it an all-engulfing, never-ending rush of ideas and strategies? A non-stop hurricane of fears about the future and contemplations over the past? Does this violent gust of concepts ever feel like too much to think about, create anxiety about what’s going to happen, or engender guilt or shame or sadness about what has already occurred? Do you ever get to the point of overwhelming frustration about this bombardment and stop and scream: “It has to stop!”

There is only one cure for a busy mind; only one remedy for a future-projecting, past-dwelling, egocentric brain bug… The anecdote is called NOW. When the rush of thought becomes too much, when it has infiltrated all parts of your mind, making relaxation, concentration, and even sleep a fleeting luxury, you must draw a line in the sand and proclaim: enough is enough! Forget everything, go empty, focus on your breath, and get present!

The only real is NOW. The only you is NOW. This is truth. Everything else is just a projection of the future or a memory of the past. Recognize what is true, what is real, and what is not. Nothing exists but Now, and everything exists only Now. Quiet the mind. Yell out to your brain to halt! And focus on what is right here, right now. You are nowhere but HERE. You are nothing more than THIS. You are only NOW. Remember this simple medicine: “Here This Now.” Repeat it and stop the fierce winds from blowing you into fantastic and confusing insanities. Focus on your breathing. Repeat it and find peace within yourself. Here…This…Now!

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