Honor Your Temple

Honor Your Temple

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Every living creature has its temple—its place of learning about the world, its pathway to the Great Energy. The martial artist honors his dojo by adhering to the rules of his Sensei and representing himself nobly to the outside world. The monk respects the sanctity of his hermitage by following in the light and teachings of his master. The outdoorsman reveres the forest, trekking in harmony with nature rather than destroying or tampering. The family man honors his home, aspiring to peaceful communication and boundaries with his wife and children. And every human being must honor the sacred temple that is his or her body, for this is the ultimate gateway to Divine Wisdom; in this physical life, only through the body and mind, can men and women connect to the great Body and Natural Mind of the Absolute Reality.

So what are you doing mindlessly that may be hurting your body or clouding your mind? What substances or behaviors are you engaging that may have long terms effects that you are naively ignoring today? Where are your terms (your rules) around what goes into your body and mind—what external energies do you allow to mix with your own? This applies not just to ingestible substances, but all energies—people, situations, language, media, and anything else you come into contact with. You will run into all sorts of energies throughout your life, and if your mental and physical immune systems are intact, you will remain steady. However, if you don’t take care of yourself or if you willingly invite unhealthy energies into your sphere on a regular basis, you may eventually find yourself in a perpetual abyss of dis-health and dis-ease.

Just as the dojo has rules, the church has commandments, and the natural world has laws, so too must you set terms or boundaries for your mind-body temple. Know what your Terms are. Determine what is right to ingest and to make contact with your particular being. Resolve to have emotional and physical boundaries, to which you hold true and strong. Listen to your Gut—your Inner Voice—in determining what is right for YOU, as you are unique, and what may be right for others will not always be right for you. Sure, there will be times to let loose and break the rules, and that’s okay. But holding to your Temple Terms the majority of the time will keep you healthy, balanced, and clear. Set your terms…and keep them! This is the way to help your mind-body temple become a clear channel for divine inspiration. And this self-care is a great honor that you can give to yourself.

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