Honoring Our Lineage

Honoring Our Lineage

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The wise Warrior often stops to reflect on his Master, now long passed into the next world. He ruminates on the valuable lessons taught, the countless hours spent transmitting great wisdoms, the times his Master protected him and guided him to safety. Even when his Master took action that the then-young Warrior did not understand or necessarily agree with, he was still grateful — for in every action, contained a precious seminar on life. The Warrior feels his Master is still with him, and so every day he holds himself to the highest standards in order to honor his teacher, his protector, his lineage, his legend.

Every so often, we come to a time of reflection — when we put aside the endless doings of our busy lives to remember and appreciate how we came to be where we are and who got us here. We must remember those who loved us, those who did the best they could with what they knew to teach us and guide us, those who sacrificed personal comforts to keep us safe and protect us. Some are those we knew personally and intimately, and many are those we’ve never even met. Lineages of families and teachers, generations of leaders and warriors, people and struggles now just memories that continue to assure our way of life.

Even though they may not have been perfect, even though we may not agree with all their methods or lessons, we must nonetheless recognize that without them our lifestyles, our freedoms, our precious lessons, our very existence may indeed not exist at all. And in reflecting on those who have built the foundation on which we raise our families and rest our bodies, we must also reflect on our own lives. Are we honoring their memories with the ways we are choosing to live? Would they be proud of us? Would they be glad to have laid our foundation? Are we living the best ways we know how, thereby honoring their hard work and sacrifices and continuing to lay a strong foundation for generations to come?

Contemplate these questions. Reflect on them. Live an honorable life and you will have honored your lineage, you will have continued this legacy of courage and love, protection and freedom.

In Memoriam: All those who have come before—living and passed. Parents, teachers, leaders, and warriors. We salute you.

I am living an honorable life.
I am making my teachers and guides, present and past, very proud.
I will continue their legacy by teaching others the way.

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