How Does a Warrior Take Rejection?

How Does a Warrior Take Rejection?

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In life, all of us at times hear the word “no.” Sometimes it seems we’ve been hearing it a lot; at times it comes in short spurts; some have heard it over long periods of time; and most have heard one big NO around something we were really trying or hoping for. None of us are alone in the experience of a rejection, but each of us has a different way of interpreting and reacting to this experience. Does it make you feel bad or wrong, ashamed or unnecessary? Do you take it as an arrow through the heart? Are you able to pick up and keep going, or do you simply want to quit? How do you deal with a “rejection?”

Obviously there is a lesson here about resilience and persistence, about trying new paths and continuing onward regardless of who says “no.” But perhaps more importantly, the experience of a rejection brings a great opportunity to discover how you hold your own worth, especially with regards to the seeming acceptance or rejection by the world around you. Are you clear on how beautiful, sacred, and valuable you are? Do you know your own value both as a being and in the various areas of external life? A Warrior is truly and deeply aware of the amazing gifts s/he has to offer on every level, and so his/her self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love is not at all affected by learning s/he was right or wrong for a particular person or situation. The Warrior simply does not take it personally, decides it was not a fit, and moves on to the next situation, creating a new path.

If you, on the other hand, are judging yourself based on a rejection, then it’s time to take a good, hard look at your level of self-love. Spend some time reminding yourself of your beauty, getting clear on the gifts you have to offer, and getting really clear on the types of places, people and situations that you believe could truly benefit from your gifts. It's time to take rejection like a Warrior!

The Warrior's Truth is: we don’t actually get rejected--we simply choose to experience the occurrence as a rejection or an acceptance. In actuality, this was not a rejection by some entity against who you are or what you can offer. Rather, it was a message from the Universe, telling you that this was not the right situation for you. It does not mean that you are any less valuable or desirable; it simply means that your beauty and gifts are not a current fit with the needs of that entity. Neither party then is wrong or bad or unnecessary.

Love yourself, value yourself, believe in matter what. If the path you thought or desired to be right did not work, then go discover a new path to your dreams and goals. That door shut so you could find the right door... Trust yourself and have faith in the Universe’s wisdom. Your gifts are needed and they WILL be accepted as long as you keep moving full steam ahead!

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  1. Date: April 15, 2014
    Author: Chris Harders

    Hi Jeremy, I appreciate your interpretation of rejection. It's much healthier. When I get rejected, I remember what Jim Rohn said, "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." Then, I focus back on improving myself.


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