In Relation to Fear

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The wise warrior knows that fear is a necessary and natural state. It is part of what has kept us alive and allowed us to evolve through so many generations. The more we embrace fear, the more it will cease to be a “problem.” Fear is just a feeling, and the only time feelings become problems is when WE make them problems. The reality is that feelings cannot hurt us or kill us, and fear is simply an information indicator. It tells us that either A) there is something to be physically cautious of…OR, if our rational brains do not recognize an immediate threat to our physical body, then B) there is an internal, possibly subconscious, conflict to address. Addressing the latter leads to the Path of Self-Awareness.

When we can become more sensitive or attentive to our feelings—when we stop ignoring them or distracting ourselves from them—we can more readily find the source of our inner fears. In almost every case of inner fear, which does not result from an immediate physical threat, our mental fears are concerned with what happened in the past and/or some projection of what may happen in the future…all of which is not real at this moment, and thus is untrue! Becoming aware of these projections and illusions of fear that are not based in reality—the Path of Self-Awareness—is a display of great courage and wisdom, and ultimately establishes a life of far greater joy and freedom.

Acknowledge your fears and all other feelings, subtle or obvious. Recognize when you are experiencing internal conflict, and do not take effort to ignore it or distract yourself from it. Instead, explore the feelings. It won’t harm you, but will rather lead you to liberty. Do not judge your fear or any feelings as “good” or “bad.” On the contrary, change your perspective on fear or “bad” feelings from being uncomfortable and wrong to natural and helpful. Accept your feelings as being okay, and embrace them as you accept and embrace yourself. Use your fear as a helpful information indicator, alerting you to some internal conflicts that need addressing and ultimately to greater freedom and peace.

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