All Natural, Balanced Meals

This Inner Warrior Meal Plan is a Paleo-emphasized, all-natural meal plan designed to be a sustainable eating pattern. The plan cuts out several foods that people are most commonly sensitive to, while focusing on eating mostly what our pre-agriculture ancestors would have eaten: protein and natural fruits, vegetables, and fats. Different from strict Paleo, however, there are some healthy beans in this diet (for added protein and fiber) as well as Greek yogurt, for its pro-biotic digestive qualities. It is highly recommended that you eat only non GMO-foods, including only certified organic fruits, vegetables and fats; wild-caught, low-mercury fish; free-range, grass fed beef and cow products; and cage-free, vegetarian poultry. Eat fruits and vegetables that were grown organically with love and care, and meat that was raised humanely and freely.

Caloric Intake

The purpose of this plan is to give a baseline. It is meant for you to up the amounts you eat of these foods depending on how much physical exercise you are getting. It is important to consult with your physician or nutritionist to determine how many calories you should actually be getting per day based on your particular body type and fitness/activity regime.


• Foods switch daily – important for digestion and absorption, and to avoid developed sensitivity
• Balanced Protein-Carbs-Fat: 40-40-20 for optimal digestion, sugar regulation, and physical & mental performance
• Incorporates detoxifying foods
• Includes one cheat day: Saturday or Sunday—you choose (but don’t go too crazy!)

Off-Limit Foods

• Soy
• Nuts
• White Starches
• Bread/Gluten
• Corn
• Sugar
• Caffeine
• Alcohol

Minimal Foods

• Dairy (natural, grass fed or Greek only)
• Dark Starches
• Healthy Legumes (organic beans only)
• Gluten-free whole grains

Download the Inner Warrior Meal Plan HERE


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