Inner Warrior Coaching is a unique, holistic approach to personal transformation, incorporating personal development coaching, martial arts training, and nutrition. Under the guidance of Coach Jeremy, each individual co-creates a new reality as a humble, confident, purposeful, and peaceful warrior. Although all co-creators undergo this multi-tiered approach, each program is customized for the individual, taking into consideration his/her particular needs, goals, and abilities. It is for the young and old, the small and large, and anyone looking to center, connect and integrate mind-body-spirit into all aspects of an increasingly fulfilling life. If you’re suffering from negative self-talk and limiting stories, if you feel something is missing or just off, or if you’re looking to take your life to that next level of inner and outer development, Inner Warrior Coaching may be the right program for you. Contact Coach Jeremy to discover more.

The Co-Creator’s Journey

A Mind-Body-Spirit Enhancement Program

Transforming thought and behavioral patterns requires a holistic approach to change. Hence, the Inner Warrior Coaching program is a total Mind-Body-Spirit regimen focused on positive change and customized for each individual. If you find yourself wanting to grow internally, looking for purpose, passion, better relationships, and/or generally more inner peace, the IWC program takes into account all aspects of each person’s whole being to offer personalized coaching along the dimensions necessary. Coach Jeremy formulated the IWC program with an extensive background in psychology, anthropology, human behavior, martial training, conflict and communication, and general health studies.

MIND - 30-minute Sessions

The IWC program consists of 30-minute personal development coaching sessions with Coach Jeremy, every other week. Through these sessions, Coach Jeremy utilizes core Human Needs theory to assess how satisfied you are on the individual dimensions necessary for a fulfilled existence. Once these are assessed, Coach Jeremy can customize a mental training program for you to get your needs fulfilled and hence propel you toward a greater state of inner peace. To learn more about the philosophy of core needs and how they relate to well-being, CLICK HERE.

BODY - 45-min Sessions

In addition to your mental coaching sessions, you meet with coach Jeremy twice a month to train in a personalized variety of martial arts customized to enhance your unique mental and spiritual training program. Coach Jeremy has close to 30 years of martial experience, training in a number of disciplines over his career, and culminating a mixed martial training system called Izun Gong. Depending on your particular coaching program, needs, and abilities, you will learn aspects of Izun Gong, including some combination of gentle/internal and hard/external martial arts, toward greater physical and mental well-being. The techniques are aimed at cultivating a truly humble, confident, peaceful warrior who has the tools and confidence to peacefully mitigate most situations.

SPIRIT - 15-min Sessions

A strong sense of self and identity is an important part of personal development; however, so is a strong sense of connection to something greater than the self. As part of your mental and physical training program, Coach Jeremy supports and helps you cultivate a greater spiritual awareness and depth. He will support you in deepening the connection to your current belief system, or support you in developing a new and deeper connection to whatever spiritual system feels right to you. This may include meditation, spiritual inquiry and discussion, prayer, or text interpretation.

What it Costs

Each IWC session lasts 90 minutes (30 on mind, 45 on body, 15 on spirit). As a co-creator, you choose to meet either weekly or every other week. Each co-creator makes a minimum 3-month commitment to their program, then continues month-to-month for as long as they find use in the program.

Weekly Trainings: $1250/month

Bi-Weekly Trainings: $650/month