Balance Training: A System of 6

Founded by Coach Jeremy Pollack, Izùn Gōng literally means "balance training" or "balance work" in a combination of Hebrew and Traditional (Mandarin) Chinese. Izùn (אִזּוּן) means balance or equilibrium in Hebrew; Gōng (功), like in gōngfu (Kung Fu), literally means work, achievement, or merit in Chinese, and can be used to mean training. Like the name itself, the martial system comprises a balance of Western and Eastern styles: hard and soft, aggressive and flowing, systematic and philosophic, action and non-action, external and internal. Conceptually, Izùn Gōng manifests the merging of the scientific study into human needs (Western) with the philosophical treatises on balance and constant change (Eastern).

The mandate of Izùn Gōng is to study BALANCE for the purpose of both healing and harming, for creating peace as well as addressing conflict. The concept is that all peace comes as a result of balance, while all conflict stems from imbalance. To create peace or healing, we must find the imbalance and correct it; to create conflict or harm, we must find the balance and disrupt it. This is true for all levels of peace and conflict: internal (mental, emotional, and physical) and external (interpersonal, intergroup, and environmental).

Hence, to defend oneself, we must attack our opponent's balance. While this is true for his actual, physical balance, it is also true for his mental, emotional, and/or physiological equilibrium. We must find our opponent's balance, and disrupt it. Balance comes in 2 forms: a balance of one's Physical legs and a balance of one's Needs. To attack one's physical balance, Izùn Gōng is consistently focused on sweeps, throws, and takedowns, to take an opponent off his feet, as a primary goal. To attack one's Needs balance, Izùn Gōng imposes consistent fluctuation or shifting of the 6 Pathways: Sides, Levels, Angles, Pressure, Position, and Openings to disrupt the balance between oneself and one's opponent, and to impede one or more of our opponent's 6 Needs for carrying out an attack: Will, Opportunity, Mobility, Breath, Blood Flow, and Brain Function.

Use the 6 Paths to disrupt balance in the 6 Needs. This is Izùn Gōng.


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Founder: Jeremy Pollack, M.A.

Coach Jeremy has been studying martial arts for more than 25 years, including a variety of Eastern and Western martial arts and philosophies. He has trained in various systems of Korean Hapkido, Chinese Kung Fu, Hawaiian Kenpo, Israeli Krav Maga, American Military Martial Arts, Brazilian Jujitsu, Japanese Ninjitsu, Filipino Escrima, and Thai Boxing. Coach Jeremy is also an ordained Taoist Priest under the American Dragon Gate Lineage, as well as an evolutionary anthropologist and peace-and-conflict specialist. He has an M.A. in evolutionary anthropology from California State University, and is working on his M.A. in Peace & Conflict studies. His academic research centers on core human needs, and how they relate to the evolution of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and cooperation. Read more about Coach Jeremy HERE.