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IMG_1014Learning Martial Arts as a form of self-defense or self-discipline has become a popular pursuit. And for good reason. Utilizing practical strategies and real-world weapons training, students can learn control, effective weapon use, and the skills needed to survive an attack. Coach Jeremy offers the training in knife & stick fighting in Silicon Valley, as well as training in various other weapons and hand-to-hand self-defense for Palo Alto and surrounding areas.

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Knife & Stick Fighting Palo Alto

By training in knife & stick fighting in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley, residents can build a skill set that supports them in the pursuit of self-defense. These weapon tactics are dangerous and difficult but the methods offered in Coach Jeremy’s program help you hone your skills effectively, skillfully, and successfully. Some of these tactics include:

Situational Awareness

By practicing an ongoing state of Ready Alertness, many attacks can be avoided. In order to be constantly ready, it’s critical to have an understanding of your environment, including the people in it. Being alert to possible threats can support you in being more proactive in your defense, leaving you more room to protect yourself in what could be a life or death situation. When someone in your proximity pulls out a weapon, your first assumption should be to protect yourself against a potential attack, regardless of this person’s intentions. The first and most effective form of defense is to escape, so in your situational awareness, it’s also wise to clock the exits available to you and know your closest exit at all times. Your ego might prefer that you stay and fight, but only fight when you’ve run out of other options. The best and safest thing you can do for yourself is to get out.

Know Your Weapons

Part of Silicon Valley weapons training is to also recognize possible weapons while you associate yourself to your environment. Notice items that can be used to create damage or help in your fight against an attacker. Never underestimate the use of a rock or broken bottle, for instance. If you’re struggling to find an effective weapon, instead find a shield. Something that can put some space and material resistance between you and your attacker can give you more time to get away or find other weapons.

Assume the Position

Depending on your weapon and the weapon of your attacker, there are certain stances you should take which you can learn while training for knife & stick fighting in Palo Alto. Certain positions make it easier to guard yourself or maintain easy use of your power hand. If your stance isn’t getting your attacker to back down, a difficult decision may await. If your only option for survival is to kill, you must act swiftly and with full commitment to survive. Speediness is critical here, so having the training and practice under your belt can make this once-in-a-lifetime situation easier to navigate.

Focus on the Threat

It’s important to focus on the most immediate threat, so if your attacker is without weapons, then you might want to attack his ability to walk toward you or see you. However, the presence of a weapon makes that object the immediate and most dangerous threat, so focus on attacking the hand holding the weapon. Putting your focus on trying to control your attacker’s weapon is key, but going for the kill or knockout remains important. Why? Because your attacker could have another weapon at the ready, so paralyzing use of their first one may have little consequence. Or worse, you’ve now irritated your attacker. Engaging in weapons training in Silicon Valley can help you learn all of these skills and integrate them into your instinctual reactions. This will make your reactions quicker and your vigilance more effective in setting you up for success.

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