Know Your Purpose

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Two beings exist in the forest: One is the tree, with strong, straight trunk, growing toward the sky and sprouting creatively into several branches. The other is the unfastened leaf, dropping from the branches, tumbling along the ground, never staying in one place for very long, and withering and rusting in the sun.

What would you rather be? The strong and steady Tree—unshakeable by wind or rain, but always growing, always evolving, always sprouting new life, new creations from its head. Or the fleeting leaf, blowing about in the wind, with no root, no purpose, no path?

Search your mind and spirit for your core intention. Is it to be the wise and steady tree, connected to the Earth and to all things? Whatever it is, let yourself evolve from that single purpose, and commit yourself to that path. From there, all the creative branches of your life will sprout—some growing long and intricate, sprouting branches of their own, some only short lived. Regardless, the trunk, the purpose, the steadfast being rooted to the ground will always remain with infinite power, trust, and knowing. No matter what weather comes, no matter which branches wither and fall, your purpose is always at your core, and so you can return to that unshakeable place within for wisdom and strength. And you will watch the gentle, fleeting leaves blow by your base without great fuss, and you will smile at them with compassion.

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