Let & Let Go

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What does it mean: Let & Let Go?

First, Let. Let things be as they are, as they will be, as they have been. Allow space for the natural events to unfold. This does not mean you must have no ambition or desire at all; but rather that you have no attachment to the objects of your desire or the outcomes of your ambition. Do what you feel is right in the moment, from inspiration, love, service, and meaning. Then you will do what must be done, but do not focus on what you will have in the end. Just do and then let. However things unfold, that’s how it is, and it’s all perfect and okay.

So, Let Go! Do not try to control events, outcomes, or other energies. You have power only over your own thoughts and behaviors. Thus, you do not need to “give up” control…because you never had it to begin with. Rather, give up the illusion of control, the false notion that you had anything to do with how natural events came to be. Take responsibility and own your actions and thoughts; but know that the Universe was responsible for the rest and perhaps even for the very thoughts and behaviors that manifested through you. You cannot control outcomes, so do not be attached to what will be and do not believe you can control such things. Let and Let go.

Be yourself, do what you feel is right in your heart, in your gut, in this very moment. Get out of your head and into your center. No more past. No more future. Only here, only now, only this, only heart. Then…don’t be yourself. Instead, be the Universe. Dissolve the concept of self and just be the perfect manifestation of whatever the Universe wants to create in the particular time and space that is called YOU. In this way, you realize that you have no control, for there is no YOU. And so, you have no choice: Let and Let Go is just natural, and even the notion that there is a YOU to let go would be dualistic. Just be the Universe, and the Universe will do all that must be done.

Act from your center, which is guided by the Source. Do not be attached to what transpires. Be okay with whatever the Universe brings, as it is all a movement toward perfection. This is what it means to Let and Let Go.

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