Life’s Terrain

Life’s Terrain

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Each life is like the surface of the Earth—extraordinary and intricate, unique in all the Universe, with dips, plateaus, and peaks. When the wise sage finds himself in a deep valley, with the long, dark shadows of a canyon wall eclipsing the rays of the sun, he does not fret, for he knows that soon he will uncover his way out, back to the warm blanket of sky’s expanse. When she comes upon the crest of the highest mountain, free and accomplished and feeling closest to God, she enjoys the moments but does not become attached to the excitement, for she knows that soon she will travel back down to more stable ground. And through this non-attachment to transient states, the sage finds a steady calmness—a peace that persists through any terrain.

In the great elaborations of life’s journey, do not concern yourself deeply or become dependent on the temporary regions of peaks and valleys. Rather, find peace in the larger perspective. View your life as one gazing from the stars would perceive a not so distant Earth: A vast, colorful, and miraculous whole.

Always remind yourself… “This too shall pass.”
Only YOU will remain through it all. Travel with wisdom, and in Peace.

I am steady.
I am whole and complete.
I can handle whatever comes.


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