Living by Terms

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The Warrior lives his life by a strict set of principles. These are lines in the sand across which he will not budge; he calls the lines “Terms”—non-negotiable, unalterable terms. Persisting without these lines is like wandering without a map. With no guide, no place of reference, there is an overwhelming quality of being out of control, of being easily manipulated, of losing oneself in the vast, ever-changing winds of time and space.

Which principles do YOU live by? What lines in the sand have you drawn? Where are your unalterable terms…or where do you feel they should be? Every man or woman who thinks himself a modern warrior, who aims to live a good and fruitful life of humility, prosperity, and integrity must have a set of Terms. Start with three terms at the least. Write them down and place them above your head on the wall where every day you gaze. Remind yourself often about your principles. For life is indeed changing constantly, and so are you. Terms may even change over time; some may dissolve, while others will develop. But whatever is posted on the wall, whatever lines you have drawn for this period of your life—the choices you know to be right for you right now—shall act as your map. And when making your decisions throughout the days, you will refer to these terms for guidance, so that you shall live the life you aim to live, so that you will be the man or woman you want to be.

Listen to your gut, to your heart, and let your Inner Wisdom compose a short set of Terms that will guide your path. Find a balance in existence between the changing flow and your steadfast convictions… Embody the Warrior’s spirit of freedom, but if you should ever feel lost in your roaming, refer back to your terms to embody the Warrior’s heart of principle, and you shall know you are on the right path.

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