Being Unattached to Expectations

Being Unattached to Expectations

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Do you live in a world of should and shouldn’t? How often do you judge what is by what you expected it to be? How much pressure do you put on yourself, on others, or on situations to become what you want it all to become?

When we constantly try to fit circumstances, people, and relationships into the image or box we want them in, we often end up in a place of disappointment, resentment, and stress. We find ourselves in conflict with what is occurring—sometimes denying or ignoring the reality, sometimes trying to fix it or change it, and most times simply disliking what or who it really is. Living with expectations can be difficult, especially when we’ve become identified or spiritually invested in the outcomes. If we’re looking for peace in our lives, we must take off the pressure to be this or that, and thus be open to all possibilities. It’s okay to have expectations, standards and principles that we strive toward, but we mustn’t be attached to outcomes we cannot control (that include the minds of other humans).

Try taking the pressure off. Endeavor to strive for change out of love and adventure, but in that same light be open to outcomes you did not expect. And that means being unconditionally open—without judgment, attachment, or denial. Relax into the situations; breathe into your relationships; accept people and yourself for who you all are. When you stop pressuring things to fit into the mold you expect for them, you’ll find a beautiful, colorful world rich with unexpected adventure and unconditional acceptance. You’ll be able to make clear decisions as to what path is actually right for you. And you won’t hold resentment for the paths or people you expected all along. Only in this type of world, will you and others truly thrive.

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