Love With Gratitude, For It Matters Most

Love With Gratitude, For It Matters Most

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In the great flux of life, considering all the things that come and go—money, jobs, arguments, break-ups and break-downs—there tends to be only a few things that can actually last a lifetime, that may actually span the extraordinary terrain of the human experience. These elements tend to matter most when looking back over the expanse of one’s life; these are the beautiful components that people whisper about lovingly in their final hours, proclaiming earnestly that nothing else matters so much, so deeply. What are these essentials we cherish in the twilight of life, these things that cannot be replaced, that make life worth living, that we often take for granted but are so very lucky to have? They are called relationships—they are the people that love us and whom we love back. Everything else is a temporary distraction from this truth. Business, possessions, money, status, titles, daily activities—all of it is fleeting, coming and going, sometimes up and sometimes down. The one thing that can be constant, that has the ability to fulfill, that creates legacy and beauty is unconditional love between individuals.

This is often difficult to remember, what with all of the distractions before us each day. But if we just take a moment to dissolve our daily worries and halt our superficial focus, we might recognize this truth. That love, care, and connection between you and your loved ones, your best friends, your family will be there when the money is good and when the bank account is empty, when the rest of the world admires us or when we feel rejected; those amazing individuals who accept us no matter what will still be there, not empty, not rejecting, but rather full of love, just for us.

Be sure to make a deposit into your emotional bank account this week. Show those you love how grateful you are that they are in your life. Feel gratitude and reciprocate their love. Put aside petty differences, pride and ego, and remember what is important in the end. Because when the day comes that your money is gone, that your body has met its final hour, and the flame of your mind begins to dwindle in the twilight, you’ll want to know that you lived fully—that you loved and felt and connected. You’ll want to know that you will live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew you best, of the ones who loved you no matter what. And then shall you know that you lived a full life.

If the soul is the root of our spiritual reality, the heart is that of the physical reality. Use it often. Love deeply. Live in gratitude for your love.

My loved ones are my blessing
I am so grateful for all the love in my life.
These relationships are what matter most.

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