Maintaining Balance

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In this vast, ever-fluctuating universe, every force has an equal and opposite counter force. Day has night; hot has cold; hard has soft. And no matter how strong one side seems at any given moment, within each energy lies a balance point—the center between itself and its opposite. It is important to attend to this notion, to be aware of the balance point across all aspects of life, and to often reflect on how you can move further toward the center rather than remain in one extreme or the other.

Where in your life do you feel out of balance? What extremes are you consistently living in, creating, or avoiding? You know the saying about too much work and no play; the same exists for too much play and no work. And this concept of danger resulting from imbalance is true across all domains, especially with regards to emotional and physical health. We must have rest, when work is done; we must make progress, when we have enough rest. We must allow ourselves to feel sad or angry when we need to, as we must drop our guards and feel love and excitement whenever we can.

If we find the balance point between extremes, if we live in the middle way, we experience greater health, peace, and contentment. We allow ourselves to feel all emotions, to experience all adventures, to produce and then rest when it’s time for each, to be both hard and soft, confident and humble, strong and gentle. With balance comes a more dynamic life and fulfilled spirit. This week, decide one place where you need more balance, where one extreme is overshadowing the other, and see what you can do to move closer to the center. Give your self what you need… You’ll appreciate it!

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