Manifesting Change

Manifesting Change

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Change is a constant in the Universe. All things are endlessly fluctuating, coming and going, rising and falling, building and shattering. It is we humans, with our desires for stability and neglect of natural flow, who often strive for a constant. Change is scary—it feels chaotic, a pathway into the unknown. Nonetheless, the world keeps changing, things keep coming and going, and we keep trying our best to stay the same.

Once in a while, however, the Warrior inside us emerges… We get the sense that a change is necessary, that movement toward something new or different is a movement into life, and so we swallow our pride, embrace our fear, and step boldly into the mystery of the unknown.

Where does the Warrior’s journey begin? How does one manifest change in his or her life? How can you go into the unknown with some sense that you will be okay, even if it all doesn’t go the way you hope or plan? Like all journeys, the Warrior’s journey starts HERE…RIGHT NOW…with ONE STEP. Any one of us can manifest change in our lives! We have the power and ability to create tremendous change, to explore the Universe, to go WITH natural law of flux. It all starts with a single step—one thing you can do on the road toward change. So, what one thing can you do today? What one step can you take in the direction of your new path? Do you have the courage to take it? Manifest the great power within you—the ability that exists in all humans to live as Warriors—and trek courageously into the mystery.

Determine an end vision. Realize that you may or may not understand the path it will take to get there; but devise a starting strategy and take the first step! Along the way, remind yourself that you have incredible power to care for and protect yourself, and that will always do so, no matter what comes. If you know you will love and protect yourself along the path, if you have faith that you were meant to make this change, and if you just take that first courageous step, the Universe will open up for you—it will give you opportunities you’ve always wanted and some you've never even imagined. Believe in yourself, take action, and change shall occur. Change is always upon us… Enjoy this amazing adventure.

I am ready for this new journey.
I can handle whatever comes.
I welcome change into my heart and mind.

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