Martial Arts Instruction

Coach Jeremy has been training in the martial arts for almost 30 years, and teaching students for more than two decades.

Contact Coach Jeremy
Coach Jeremy teaches private Martial Arts lessons, semi-private group classes, and workshops in the San Francisco Bay area & Silicon Valley.

Call 310-895-9927 to schedule an appointment.

Coach Jeremy has trained in and teaches a variety of styles, including:

Muay Thai Kickboxinggym_5
Coach Jeremy teaches Muay Thai—the Art of Eight Limbs—a sport martial art originating from Thailand. One of the most effective forms of kickboxing in the world, Muay Thai or Thai Boxing uses eight points of contact for striking: the 2 fists, feet, elbows, and knees.

Ground Fighting / Submission fighting
A Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a long time Mixed Martial Arts practitioner, Coach Jeremy teaches no-Gi ground fighting skills, including traditional No-Gi BJJ, MMA submission fighting, shoot wrestling, No-Gi Judo, and practical street submission fighting. Ground and Submission fighting consists of takedowns, throws, limb locks, control positions, chokes, and general close quarters fighting.

Street Self-DefenseIMG_0901
A Black Belt in Freestyle Hapkido and with more than 20 years in various martial arts, including police and military training, Coach Jeremy’s practical street defense system utilizes straight forward tactics and philosophies for defending against and surviving a street attack. He believes in keeping things simple to maintain effectiveness for all levels.

With more than 15 years training various weapons, Coach Jeremy uses only what works in real time sparring to determine what he teaches in weapons training. Whether it’s in open-hand against a weapon or weapon against weapon, training in this field is always extremely dangerous and takes intense practice, both on a physical coordination level as well as for emotional preparedness.

Non-Traditional Ninjitsubanner_slider_1
Having originally training in Ninjitsu under Senseii Rick Tew, Coach Jeremy teaches a fun and practical system of Ninjitsu, in a more fast paced method than used in traditional Budo Taijitsu. Coach Jeremy’s “Ninja Training” system includes striking, submission fighting, cloaking and stealthing, acrobatics, climbing and falling, Ninja mind techniques, and use of traditional weapons, such as sword, short blade, knife, stick, throwing knives, staff, and nunchaku.

As a Taoist Priest and long-time practitioner of meditation, Coach Jeremy provides guided meditation instruction, using visualizations to enhance stress relief, self-awareness, balance, spiritual connection, and self-development.