Zen Buddhist / Taoist Meditation & Spiritual Discussion Group

Led by Coach Jeremy, a Taoist Priest, this is a NON-RELIGIOUS discussion and meditation group held on the border of West Los Angeles / Santa Monica / Culver City, focusing on the basic principles of universal oneness, balance, and energy. Meditation is of the Zen Buddhist and Quanzhen Taoist traditions. Discussions focus on practical topics of living a spiritual life while in every day society.
People from all backgrounds and denominations welcome!

For location and to signup for Spiritual Discussion & Meditation in Los Angeles / Culver City / Santa Monica, please email:

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Whether you're looking to learn more about meditation, to deepen your practice, and/or to meet like-minded spiritual folks, Coach Jeremy's meditation classes in Los Angeles & Santa Monica are a great way to take your spiritual practice to the next level. These meditation classes are a great way for local Los Angeles and Santa Monica residents to inspire greater good, deeper compassion, and higher self-awareness in their daily lives.

Meditation has been utilized for centuries for purpose of relaxation, stress relief, body awareness, and connection toe one's spiritual entity--whether it be God, the Universe, the Tao, Buddha, or whomever. Although there are many different meditation traditions, offering an array of benefits and techniques, most meditation rituals involve a focused combination of intentional posture/movement, breathing, and mental focus. While some meditation practices utilize objects of focus (such as deities or talismans) or internal movements (such as breathing or chanting), others,like the Taoist tradition of ZuoWang, simply instruct us to focus on nothing, to remain empty and to sit "in oblivion." Coach Jeremy's group meditation class in Los Angeles / Santa Monica takes many traditions into consideration and blends different styles to give practitioners a choice, so that each meditation practitioner can take what works for them and utilize particular techniques on their own.

Join Coach Jeremy's meditation classes in Los Angeles / Santa Monica by emailing CoachJ@CoachJeremyPollack.com.