Men are often great in offering support in help, but most men are not so great at asking for help or support. But we all need it. That's why men's groups exist. Our men's group in Palo Alto is a confidential circle of strong men, offering and exchanging support across a variety of life domains. We are normal men, some with families, some are entrepreneurs, committed to meeting weekly in a non-issue-specific group. We are all seeking greater purpose, greater balance, and most importantly greater connection with other men in our community of Palo Alto and the surrounding Silicon Valley communities.

About the Inner Warrior Men’s Group Palo Alto

As archetypal protectors and providers, it’s true that men don’t have many support options when it comes to working through relationship or work stress, uncomfortable feelings, or curiosities about life in general. We're just expected to know it all and have it all figure out. But we don't, at least not always. This is why our men's group in Palo Alto is so powerful: by utilizing the experience of each other to create a rich and supportive team of men who can offer insight, perspective, and experience. More than simply a men’s support group, we are a team. Where men feel understood and better able to work through life’s common challenges, with family, work, purpose, spirituality, and all domains in between.

Men Supporting Men

In the Palo Alto Inner Warrior Men's Group, Coach Jeremy leads men on a journey toward self-discovery and long-lasting life changes. Utilizing the support of other men in the group, each member gets to experience nonjudgmental camaraderie with others, while seeking personal growth and achieving individual goals. Men who are struggling in certain areas of life may start to become isolates or feel misunderstood by their support system. But there’s no need to struggle alone or in silence. Opening up and being vulnerable may be scary, but joining together with other men to share your struggles can be a powerful step toward growth.

Making a Commitment

Due to the nature of this men’s support group in Silicon Valley, it’s important that every member not only may a 12-week commitment to keep the group contained and consistent, it is expected that each member demonstrates a degree of integrity in which their brothers can begin to rely upon them. This includes arriving on time, each week, and ready to lend a supportive ear to his peers. Making a commitment and remaining in your integrity also means that each member not only speaks his values but also lives them. These qualities are important for the group, as well as for each individual to carry out his mission and create the life he’s been yearning for. We make commitments each week and hold each other accountable to achieve them.

A Safe, Powerful Space

Creating a men's group Palo Alto residents can depend on also means creating a space that is understanding and empowering. While each member is expected to maintain a degree of commitment, it is also important to remember the fallibility of the human experience, and that everyone is entitled to mistakes. It is in this safe environment that growth and connection can occur. Whether you hope to achieve specific goals, advance in your career, or tap into your spiritual self, working among like-minded men in a supportive environment can help you discover your true passions.

If you're a man in Silicon Valley searching for a higher purpose or hoping to answer questions about your career or relationships, the Inner Warrior Men's group can help. In addition to providing a space for men to receive support in navigating life’s unique curiosities, Coach Jeremy also works with individuals, couples, and business partners to collaborate on long-lasting positive change. Contact Coach Jeremy about the Inner Warrior Men's Group in Palo Alto at 310-895-9927 or email

Integrity & Commitment

All Men joining a group are required to make a minimum 12-week commitment, which means showing up on time, each week, ready to give support and be supported. Men's groups are weekly 90-minute sessions.

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