Perspective. Accountability. Support.

Men's Groups in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, led by Coach Jeremy, are a powerful and dynamic source of support for Men in all walks of life, offering the perspective of Men, in a non-judging, safe, and supportive environment. The Men have been where you are. We understand you and support you in living the life you feel is right, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and professionally. Member's of the Men's Group also set actionable, measurable goals across all domains, both long- and short-term, and are held accountable to taking steps toward achieving those goals. All Men are considered Modern Warriors and shall be held accountable to living the ideals of the Warrior.

The Wisdom of the Men

Whether you have questions or concerns about relationships, your career, your spiritual life, your higher purpose, achieving your goals, or any of life's many domains, supportable Men bring it to the Group and get help where they need it. The members of Men's Groups are held to the highest standards and ideals, making a commitment to be supportive and supportable, to do as they say, and to mean what they do, while still recognizing that we are all human and sometimes make mistakes or falter on our targets. Men help men get back in honor by recognizing where they're falling short in life and how to optimize their actions and progress.

Integrity & Commitment

All Men joining a group are required to make a minimum 12-week commitment, which means showing up on time, each week, ready to give support and be supported. Men's groups are weekly 2-hour sessions.

Contact Coach Jeremy

To inquire about joining Coach Jeremy's Men's Groups in Los Angeles or Santa Monica, please email