Mind Control

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In traveling through the deep forests, the Warrior often senses danger, hears strange sounds, perhaps even sees threatening objects appear in sharp flashes amidst the trees. But after having much experience as a warrior sage, he realizes that seldom are any of these dangers true or real. Things crackle and pop in the night; the mind plays tricks on its owner in dark places. He’s used to such things and, after so much training, can more easily transcend his emotional reactions to phantoms of his own mind. The trained Warrior can discern the stories of fear that aim to tangle his mind and emotions from legitimate threats that require real attention.

So…who has control of your mind: The dark fantasies and fearful projections, or YOU?! We are so often twisted internally by the anxious fears of future happenings that we cannot step outside ourselves, beyond the projections, and realize that we’re making all of it up! These things haven’t happened yet, and yet we are reacting internally, and perhaps externally, as if they had. Most often we are afraid of things changing, for better or worse; and sometimes, some of us are afraid of nothing changing, of our lives staying stagnant, unmoved, unresolved, or simply unfulfilled. Either projection, either fear, is simply an attachment to our own thoughts. We believe our own stories, and we’ve become so invested in these old stories we’ve created, that they have molded our identity. But enough is enough! It’s time to proclaim: “None of this is true! I will no longer listen to untrue stories!”

If you are stuck in fear, of change or of non-change, of what may or may not happen in the future, are you willing to move outside of the stories so that you may take control of your mind? Are you willing to let go of the identity into which you’ve invested—the idea of yourself and the stories you’re telling that say: “I am the one who will be hurt by these changes” or “I am the one who will never change”? Like the Warrior, you must shine light on the deep forests of your mind, to illuminate the woods that seem so fearsome. You must understand that the stories you create about what’s going to happen or what will never happen are simply made up by you! Why have you made these up? Because they act as a defense mechanism; you simply believe these fearful stories will help you defend and prepare for things that may or may not occur. But they’re only hurting you. You’ve got the wrong program running!

So, implement a new program; retrain the mechanism. If you’ve had enough of living in fear, then it’s time create a new identity, with new stories. NOW, you are the man or woman that knows: “No matter what happens, I will be okay, I will figure it out!” When the old stories and fears arise, become the strong warrior! Repeat: “Enough is enough! This isn’t true. I will be okay!” Get ready for change! Get ready of a new idea of you. Get ready to be the accepting Warrior who can control his/her own mind!

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