The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai 2Muay Thai ("Thai Boxing") is a sport fighting art, implementing traditional kickboxing from Thailand, which includes use of the hands, feet, elbows, and knees--hence "The Art of Eight Limbs." Originally founded as an ancient combat art called Muay Boran, Muay Thai is now a world renown sport and is considered one of, if not THE most effective forms of kickboxing currently taught.

Coach Jeremy has been training Muay Thai since 2006. He has trained in Thaliand under some of the world's Muay Thai legends and at the famous camps, like Sidyodtong, Sitpholek, and Fairtex. His main teacher has been Kru Paulo Tocha.

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Coach Jeremy teaches private lessons, semi-private group classes, and workshops.
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Coach Jeremy creates SMART FIGHTERS who…

1)      Think and feel—watch, sense, strategize, and use technique; don’t merely brawl.

2)      Dictate the fight—Use what works for oneself and make the opponent play our game.

3)      Adapt to circumstances—watch the opponent to gauge reactions and strategies, and adjust where necessary.

4)      Create Openings— throw/think on multiple levels and from multiple angles, and find the opponent’s rhythm and space to properly time counters.

5)      Play chess—set up the opponent, thinking several moves ahead.

6)      Strike true—throw with full intention and commitment to all intended strikes; let go and manipulate one's own adrenaline.

7)      Win the mental game—believe in oneself and triumph over an opponent mentally before challenging him/her physically.

Coach Jeremy creates SMART WARRIORS who…

1)      Stay humble

2)      Act thoughtfully, mindfully

3)      Become present & self-aware

4)      Remain open-minded

5)      Honor the dojo & the teachers (Be respectful in and out of the dojo; stay true to your commitments)

6)      Trust oneself; listen to the inner voice/the “gut”

7)      Train with heart; live with intention