Never Give Up

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The Warrior is on the ground, bleeding. His opponent stands in front of him, and the bloodied warrior is almost paralyzed by fear and despair. A voice whispers in his mind that it’s time to give up, that he must admit defeat… But no, never! He cannot give up, he will not. The warrior must keep moving, he must rise. He looks back to his small child watching nearby, and the Warrior knows he must survive for the child, he must fight for both of their lives. He kills the voice in his head, stands back up with fire in his gut, and charges forward ruthlessly, eyes filled with rage, heart imbued with determination.

This is the moment of truth! The defining moment of your character. This fear, this despair, this setback is the opportunity of your lifetime—the chance to RISE beyond yourself, to become something greater than you thought you could be, to embody the power of which you’ve only before dreamed. You must survive. You must not give up. Fight for yourself, and for the child whom you protect—whether it be your actual son or daughter, or your inner child, both of whom depend on you to never give up! Tell the negative voices to “Be quiet!” at once; Forget all the what-if’s, all the different projections of what might be; and just focus! Become singularly concentrated. Discard all other tasks, tear down all other targets for the time being, and focus only on one—this one bull’s-eye. One target is much easier to hit when the others have dissolved, when all the predictions of what will occur should you win or lose melt away. Determine solely and precisely what needs to be done in order to hit THIS target. Nothing else, nothing more. No distractions. No meanings or results. Just the task at hand. Just the target. Just survival.

Close the back door of defeat and despair. Start moving forward again: The Gold is in action! Find the front door and open it. There is gold out there, plenty of it—you just have to open the door and let it in. That means focus. That means action. That means defeating your most difficult opponent: You own negative premonitions, your own fear! When you need a boost, think of your child waiting and watching in hope. Get up for him or her. Keep moving. Keep fighting. This is your time, your greatest moment. Never give up! Never.


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