Non-attachment: Who Are YOU…Really?

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What does it mean to become non-attached? It does not mean to be completely detached from everything and void of love, commitment, or emotions. Indeed, feeling—love, loss, devotion, sadness, etcetera—is a crucial part of the human experience and cannot be nor should it be ignored. Rather, non-attachment in a spiritual sense means to not entangle one’s authentic self-identity with the things of the world, to not confuse who YOU really are with the labels you’ve taken on, the possessions you own, or the people with whom you are involved. In essence, non-attachment is to separate your sense of true being from the ego or awareness of the ego: You are not your mind or body, and so you are not the things that it needs, wants, and identifies with.

YOU are rather something deeper and untouched by the things of the world. Being non-attached means that when these things come and go, all all "things" do, even though you may feel emotions upon their gain or loss, you hold a steady, constant, underlying awareness of the untouched, authentic spirit within--that no matter what happens out there, YOU are and will be okay. Your existence is not the same as the presence of these things in your life, and so you shall exist with or without them, unaltered, unscathed at your core. Emotions will not kill you. Loss will not thwart your existence. You are forever an authentic spirit, as part of the Great Spirit, which is eternal and omniscient.

With this understanding and sense of true self come a sense of pervading peace, a loss of fear, and a heightened sense of joy and appreciation regarding your fragile, unique, and temporary experience in the physical world.

Other may sometimes find it difficult to be around or engaged with such an non-attached person. Even though the person exudes love and connection, the deep, unspoken sense that s/he is okay without us —does not NEED us—is frequently hard for others to accept. Yet they are simultaneously drawn to this person, often unfortunately due to their own lack of self awareness and thus the desire to be needed by those who they sense do not need them.

Inner awareness of your true self dissolves significant attachment to the things outside of your self. Sit quietly. Breathe in truth. Love life. Embrace death. Become attached to and enmeshed with no thing. Know that you are only God and nothing less and nothing more. Be the rock in the ever-changing river. Be the spirit you are in the ever-changing world. Your spirit is a constant in the Universe, the Power, the Love, the Energy, the Knowing, the God energy—a crucial and intricate part of the Divine Whole. Needs and desires wash away; fears vanish; the true YOU exists forever no matter what and no thing can touch you. Choose love and bliss while you’re here on Earth. It’s your choice. No need at all to be dictated by circumstance, by the happenings of the world, by the gains and losses of things. None of that is ultimately real. Have no fear of rejection. There is no loss and nothing to lose. You are whole no matter what. You are already everything you need. You indeed are and have all that exists. Just know it!

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