On or Off the Hook

On or Off the Hook

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Are you holding lists on people? Things they did or said—days, months, years ago? Resentments, anger, hurt…? How about a list on yourself? Still holding onto past experiences, things you deem to be mistakes or failures? Feeling shame, guilt, regret…? How does it feel to hold these lists? Does it serve you or anyone else? Do the lists feel expansive and healthy, or limiting and heavy? When will it be time to burn the lists?

Here’s an idea: Write out your lists. Everything you have on everyone, including yourself. All the stuff you hold onto, mistakes, failures, wrongs, all of it! Get it all out on paper so that you can squarely confront your stifling resentment and anger and pain, so that you can decide clearly if they’re worth holding onto. Then ask yourself, are you ready to let go of these lists, ready to forgive, move on, and start fresh? If not, ask yourself why. Are you unable to forgive? Do you think if you hold on, that they will keep being punished? Here’s the news: YOUR resentment is YOUR burden. You’re only punishing yourself. Are you able to forgive and love yourself? If not, ask why. Are you afraid of repeating the same mistakes if you let yourself of the hook? Are you afraid that you don’t deserve love and compassion and peace of mind?

Here’s a final idea: Burn the lists. Isn’t it time? Haven’t you learned your lessons? Tell yourself that you deserve compassion, that you will love and protect and take care of yourself from here on out. You’ve seen the errors. You’ve learned the lessons. Know that you will protect and love yourself going forward. If that’s all clear and true, then holding onto lists simply doesn’t make sense anymore, and it’s only stifling your personal growth and expansion.

Enough of this burden. Enough of this fear and anger and hurt. Take yourself and others off the hook. Burn the lists. Lighten the load on you. There's no time like right NOW to start breathing easy again…or for perhaps the first time in your life. It's time to get present; it's time to breathe!

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