On the Ego

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There are many new age philosophies that espouse the transcendence of the ego in an almost vicious way, claiming that the ego is an enemy of the soul and the mind. This is a highly judgmental perspective on a natural human state, and breeds internal resistance and conflict—the very qualities that ego-transcendence aims to expel. On the contrary, the ego is not an enemy. It is a highly developed aspect of the human mind that serves to elevate our species above all others on Earth and has helped keep us alive for hundreds of generations. It does this by developing specific ideas about what each of us is, how we differ from all others, and the ways in which our individual survival is most likely. Where we get into trouble is in the loss of true self or natural mind, and the belief that we are in fact solely the ego—the part of the mind which separates each individual from all other entities and distinguishes the idea of the “self.” In this sense, because it is real in one sense but not ultimately or absolutely real, we must accept and love the ego for the job it does, and care for it as if it were a small child with good intentions but illusory views.

Do not resist your natural human gift of ego… You will not win! It will always be there. And do not fret this knowledge, for it is there to protect you. It is only doing what it can and what it believes it must in order to keep you safe. Instead, create a relationship with your Ego mind and enjoy it like a young son or daughter, to whom you must teach what are real threats, sound desires, and valid emotions. If you are self-aware—a witness to your true spiritual being, your natural mind, and your human ego mind—then YOU are in control of yourself, as opposed to the young child (ego) being in control.

You can compartmentalize your own mental processes by establishing a separate sense of true identity (natural mind) from your ego mind. In this way you can both experience life’s up and downs, while simultaneously staying unattached to sensations or emotions and in control of your actions, rather than let your ego blindly manipulate your feelings and behavior. This separation also helps us to remember our higher purpose, underlying all of our actions, even during moments of personal fulfillment, peace, and prosperity. Staying aware of our true nature while feeling sensory and emotional gratification without judgment is a higher state of existing in this world, and a more reasonable path to inner peace and self-realization.

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