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Coach Jeremy Pollack utilizes his unique background as a personal development life coach, an ordained Taoist priest, an evolutionary anthropologist, and long-time martial arts practitioner and instructor, to provide a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach to holistic life coaching. Coach Jeremy addresses a variety of individual matters, including professional development, spiritual enhancement, life's purpose, relationships, fear, anxiety, depression, grief, perseverance, and goal setting. He combines both traditional and experimental science and spiritual-philosophical tenets to explore and help optimize life's most significant subjects. He lives between Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles.

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Introduction to The Warrior’s Path: A Phoenix Life Coaching Program

Throughout history, warriors have lived by a code of honor. This code was not only a set of laws regarding when and how to engage in battle; it was, more importantly, instructions on building character and optimizing one’s life. In fact, the most enlightened warriors valued peace and high moral character first, and fought only in the direst of circumstances. Today, we emulate the warrior lifestyle by adhering to the same set of virtues and applying them to modern life. Hence, the Warrior’s Path begins on the deepest internal levels of the individual and manifests outward in the external world.

The Warrior’s Path begins with the awareness of one’s spiritual being; when the amazing power of the spirit is felt, intention moves outward to nurture, understand, and manage aspects of the psyche; once the Warrior has established some control of his/her mind and emotions, s/he is more readily equipped to develop character, measuring across the tenets of the Warrior’s Virtues; and finally, when the mind is managed and emotions are felt, the underlying spirit is experienced, and the Warrior can thus optimize each sphere of external life.

This is the Path of the Warrior. It is a very real path, practiced for centuries by the greatest masters from around the world. And one of its first lessons is that any one of us at any time can choose to walk this path—to live by the Warrior’s code and thus to become the most enlightened version of oneself, deep in the mind and heart as well as in the outside world. All you have to do…is choose.