Drawing by Yuri Elvin

Drawing by Yuri Elvin

Life Coaching for the Modern Warrior

Inner Warrior Coaching was developed by Coach Jeremy Pollack. Although each individual’s path is unique and his or her coaching experience is extremely personalized, the Inner Warrior Coaching program typically consists of one weekly private coaching session with Coach Jeremy. All coaching students learn the necessary tools to achievable change in their lives, through both life coaching systems and warrior mental techniques. However, some students go a step further and choose to also to train in a weekly martial arts lesson with Coach Jeremy, which helps to embody the inner power and focal discipline learned in the personal coaching sessions.

The practitioner is required to make a commitment to him/herself and the work, including making and being held accountable for weekly personal commitments to take progressive steps in his or her life. Each potential practitioner is required to attend one in-person assessment meeting with Coach Jeremy before making a commitment.

Contact Coach Jeremy
Call (310) 895-9927 or email Jeremy@CoachJeremyPollack.com to schedule a free consultation and discover if this is the right path for you. All coaching and personal information is kept strictly confidential and adheres to the regulated guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Domains & Subjects Covered In the Training

Coach Jeremy works on a number of varying life obstacles with his students and clients. In almost every case, the student ends up exploring and confronting his or her inner-most fears for the sole purpose of living a happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more fulfilled life. This type of work requires a level of courage and honesty, held in high esteem by the Warrior. The work and training often resides in one or several of the following areas:

  • Discovery & expression of the 3 P's: Purpose, Passion, and Persevering Spirit.
  • Setting Terms & Goals, and getting past conscious and unconscious blocks impeding these
  • 4-dimensional health: Physical, Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual
  • Inner Child work: Healing and building a trusting relationship with one's child mind; making new, mature life decisions
  • Inner Warrior work: Emergence and development of the power, protection, and perseverance that lies innately within each person
  • Spiritual enhancement and connection
  • Creating healthy, loving, connected relationships
  • Making healthy, thoughtful decisions
  • Finding a sense of Presence (Living in the NOW)
  • Moving through creative blocks
  • Exploring and discovering one's passion
  • Professional advancement and ownership
  • Setting and sticking to boundaries in one's life
  • Becoming the Man/Woman one WANTS to be
  • Discovering, confronting, and dissolving one's deepest, life-long fears and doubts