Personal Development Coaching with Coach Jeremy

This program consists of transformational and/or spiritual coaching with Coach Jeremy Pollack. All meetings are done virtually through a video chat platform. Focus includes:

- Getting clear on your real-world goals
- Getting clear on what psycho-emotional obstacles are limiting your joy and inner peace
- Devising practical steps towards achieving your goals and dissolving old psychological walls in order to attain greater inner and outer harmony
- Being held accountable to taking those steps in order to manifest real change
- Dissolving old, limiting stories and identities and creating new, healthy beliefs

Martial Arts & Tactical Training with Coach Jeremy

This program consists of 1 weekly Martial Arts lesson in-person with Coach Jeremy Pollack. Focus includes your preference of:

- Hand-to-hand combat for self-defense or security
- Weapons training
- Muay Thai Kickboxing
- Traditional Martial Arts

Martial Training Videos

Martial Training Video