Relax and Accept

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Everything is easier when you relax. Things become hard, painful, and conflicted when you ignore, avoid, force, or fight against. Instead, try relaxing, accepting, and then using what IS rather than forcing what IS NOT. Take a moment throughout the day to notice tension in your body, then consciously relax that tension. Take a moment to scan your life, your world: where are you sensing tension or conflict? How can relaxing and accepting, flowing and using what is, make things easier?

The truly spiritual Way is to realize that God is a perfect energy and that you are and have always been part of God. Hence, you must also be a perfect energy—you are perfect with all of your “imperfections.” If you can truly relax with yourself, sincerely embrace and accept all parts of you—what you have, who you are, what you do, etc.—then you can deeply love yourself. This is the spiritual Way.

This does not mean losing ambition to improve your life. What it entails, however, is a path of improvement with new motivations. Instead of being motivated to change because you are afraid, envious, avoidant, needy, or not good enough; when you relax, you are instead motivated to change because you feel the change is inspirational, important, righteous, or it just plain makes you feel good. Only when you relax and embrace who you are, what is happening, and how you feel can you make the clear and inspired choice to change in a spiritually healthy manner. This is because you realize that no matter what changes, stoppages, or improvements occur, they do not have to do with your deep self-worth or identity. You are perfect, no matter what.

Relax with your imperfections, accept who you are and what you have truly without conflict, and you will be able to realize your unchanging beauty and value before finding a path to change or improve on what you feel is important—never because you’re not good enough, but only because you are aligned with the righteous path of constant growth. Remember, you are the manifestation of a Perfect Energy. You’re okay just the way you are. So relax! You deserve it!

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