Respond… Don’t React!

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Feeling heated, attacked, or emotional? Just heard news that fires you up and shifts you into high gear? Then this is NOT a healthy time to respond! Instead, take a moment to breathe, take a step back to view the entire situation, and respond intelligently rather than reacting emotionally.

In the wake of life’s often turbulent energies, it’s important to maintain mindfulness and self-awareness. Recognize when you’re feeling defensive, before you use that feeling to react. Feeling angry or hurt is okay and natural, but your outward behavior may have unnecessary and far-reaching repercussions, which may in turn spiral the entire situation into even greater chaos. Responding intelligently rather than reacting emotionally is key to a healthy and productive life in society, whether it be in personal or professional relationships.

Don’t just start talking or yelling or reacting. Think first! Close your eyes and breathe if need be. Remember to carefully examine all perspectives around the circumstances, to have empathy for others wherever applicable (even though this may be very difficult), and to take a moment of thoughtful introspection before responding to any potentially emotional situation. Get out of your own head and understand what others are going through too. Become aware of what underlies the anger you’re feeling--is it sadness or fear? Relay this message in your response to the situation--communicate clearly as to how it makes you feel as opposed to reacting defensively or going on the attack. This conscious and “cool” behavior inspires respect and usually motivates all sides of the situation to calm down as well.

Responding intelligently and calmly is the easiest and most effective way to find a common ground solution in any potential conflict, not to mention to keep your personal stress levels below the red line. Allowing yourself to lose your cool in moments of high intensity is irresponsible in society and very stressful on your body; whereas remaining calm and collected when the kitchen heats up is a sign of true wisdom and clarity, and certainly a virtue of the Warrior spirit.

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